Nursing Covers

Motmot Soft and Stretchy Nursing and Breastfeeding Privacy Covers Protect you and your Baby!

Our Nursing Covers have helped busy moms across the U.S. provide a safe environment for their babies.

Instant Protection!

Protects you and your baby from blinding sunlight, wind, dust, light rain, and insects.

Soft, Stretchy, and Breathable!

Ultra-Soft, Super-Stretchy, and Refreshingly Breathable! Designed for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Perfect for Car Seats

A perfect canopy for your infant car seat creating a stable, covered, comfortable environment for your baby.

Motmot Soft and Stretchy Nursing and Breastfeeding Privacy Cover - Protect your baby! Tropical Black Flowers

Privacy for Mom and Baby

Control who sees you and your baby! Say goodbye to busy-bodies and lookie-loo's once and for all!

Endless Options!

Usable as a trendy fashion accessory or, a seat cover for germ-ridden shopping carts and restaurant high-chairs!

Great Baby Shower Gift!

The hands-down, best gift for new mothers; our convenient gift-wrap option makes gifting a breeze!